What rights do I have to my video content?

Your rights to your content include everything short of a national broadcast license.  National broadcast air time typically costs $XXX,XXX, and we've never had a client need this license.  If we ever did have a client needing this, we would pass on the costs that our voiceover talent and models charge for this type of license with no extra cost from us.

How does the process typically work?

Our product video productions start with a phone call or email to get to know your brand or product.  After we learn a little about your goals for your product video, we send a contract+payment portal and we can get started!  From there, we get key details for your product video (your script, model specifications, which scene location, etc.), and then you ship your product to us so that we can begin production.  Typically within 14-21 days of the product recieved, we get our clients their product videos via download links.

What happens if I don’t like my product video?

We've never had a client who didn't like their product video!  We do allow revisions and modifications to your product video at $40/hr if needed, but we've never had anyone ask for revisions!

Where are you based?

We are based in Virginia, although don't let that stop you from working with us!  As long as you live in a place where you can physcially ship a product to us, then you're good to work with us.

Any chance I can get a link to the Shopify statistic you have on the home page?

Sure! See it right here

Do you offer bulk pricing?

Absolutely.  Our tabletop POV videos get as low as $95 a piece, and our lifestye/studio videos get as low as $445 a piece.  We also have monthly retainer options for large brands.

What props are included in the product videos?

Most very cheap or very common props are no charge.  Our white studio also has a kitchen island & multiple tabletops to help showcase your product.  If you need certain props, let us know and we can quote you!