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Pick the Specs

After we learn about your eCommerce product and brand, choose the type of product video you're wanting (tabletop point of view, lifestyle, studio, etc.), as well as the key details of the shoot to best fit your brand.

Ship Your Product

Ship your product to Micromercial from anywhere in the world!

We Produce Your Product Video

We get to work producing beautiful video content for your product!

According to Shopify, consumers are 64-85% more likely to buy a product that has video.

It's no secret that in today's age, good video content is extremely important to every brand & eCommerce store, but good video content is expensive!  We're here to disrupt the industry and offer beautiful, high quality product video to every budget, big and small.  The brands that work with us range from small startups to large scaling eCommerce brands.

Our goal is to establish a realtionship with each brand we do video content for so we truly get to know their long-term eCommerce marketing goals.  We are passionate about the brands we produce video content for: you'll often find us drinking coffee, using water bottles, and various other products in our daily life from brands we've work with in the past.

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What We Offer

The process starts when you contact us via our contact form.  From there, we learn about your eCommerce brand and product via email or phone so that we can understand your brand and goals for your product video. After shipping your product in, we send a questionaire where you can tailor your product video to truly fit your brand; picking broad actor/acctress specifications, picking from our 4 available scene/setting locations (or get a quote on a custom location!), and more.  We then take it from there and get to work producing your product video using our creative expertise on building video content that truly converts.

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